Jilin high-tech Zone fire rescue brigade in September, "double random, one public" fire supervision spot check task publicity

来源:   时间: 2023-09-01 14:33

    In order to strengthen post-event supervision and standardize fire law enforcement behavior, according to the "Opinions of The State Council on Comprehensively implementing the joint" Double random and one Open "supervision of departments in the field of market supervision" (Guofa20195According to the unified deployment of the superior fire departments, the Jilin High-tech Zone fire rescue Brigade uses the "double random and one open" fire supervision information platform of the Ministry of Emergency Management to randomly extract inspection objects and law enforcement personnel, and randomly extract the key units and general units of fire safety in the district20239Fire supervision and inspection unit15家,Please complete the fire protection files of the units to be extracted, keep the fire protection facilities and equipment intact and effective, and be ready for inspection。During the inspection, the fire safety responsible person, the manager and the staff of the fire protection facilities maintenance unit of the unit shall be present。The extraction results are now published (see the attachment for details)。

Downloadable attachment: Jilin High-tech Industrial Development Zone fire rescue brigade in September double random, a public fire supervision spot check task publicity.xlsx