Several policy Measures on Stimulating Talent Vitality and Supporting Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship (3.0 edition) "Policy interpretation

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In order to deeply implement the spirit of the 20th Party Congress and the 12th Provincial Party Congress, promote optimization and upgradingOur province talent incentive policyThe provincial Party Committee and the provincial government formulated and issued Several policies and Measures on Further Stimulating the Vitality of Talents to Support Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship (3.0 version), through the continuous upgrading of our province's talent policy, to create a good atmosphere of talent, love and respect, and further gather and cultivate outstanding talents。

In order to let more outstanding talents know about our province's talent policy, today we invite Mr. Huang Ming, Deputy Director of the Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department, to further introduce the relevant situation to you。Also present at today's press conference are Mr. Chen Weiyou, Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology and first-level Inspector, and Mr. Zhang Zhilin, Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Finance. They will jointly answer questions that you are interested in. Please kindly ask the media to give full attention to and in-depth reports on the content of the press conference。

First of all, I would like to invite Mr. Huang Ming to brief you。


 On September 29 this year, the Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government issued the "Jilin Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China and Jilin Provincial People's Government on several policy measures to Further Stimulate talent vitality and Support talent innovation and Entrepreneurship" (3.Version 0) (also called Talent Policy 3.In the following, I will introduce the relevant situation in three aspects。
1. On the formulation and introduction of the Talent Policy 3.The purpose and significance of version 0
习近平总书记指出,人才是衡量一个国家综合国力的重要指标。The development of a country depends on talent, and the rejuvenation of the nation depends on talent。We must enhance our awareness of potential dangers, pay more attention to the independent training of talents, and accelerate the establishment of competitive advantages in human resources。
In recent years, under the promotion of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, the whole province has focused on the talent policy 1.0版、2.Implementation of version 0,Accurately grasp the key and difficult points of talent work,Constantly improve the talent policy system,We will strive to optimize and implement specific work measures,A total of 5,682 talents have passed the talent classification recognition,Among them, imported talents accounted for 34%,It covers the key industrial disciplines in our province,Give full play to the agglomeration effect of talents in our province;A series of high-level activities have been held for Kyrgyz people to return home to start businesses and employment cooperation,Has promoted 12 enterprises settled in our province;The establishment of talent innovation project "fund pool" and talent innovation and entrepreneurship funding projects,Strong support for talent innovation and entrepreneurship projects to grow bigger and stronger。Adhere to the use of the "eight types" of public recruitment in public institutions, and delegate all the rights of selection and employment to the county level, which has absorbed and supplemented a large number of outstanding young talents for public institutions, and the level of talent supply has been continuously improved。Through a series of talent incentive service guarantee measures, the talent working mechanism has been continuously improved, the talent attraction and cohesion have been continuously enhanced, the quality of the talent team has been continuously improved, the talent chain and industrial chain have been closely integrated, and the scale benefits of talent agglomeration have been continuously highlighted。
Cultivating talents is the foundation of a country。Standing at the historical intersection of the "two centenary goals", we need talents more than ever。The report of the 12th Provincial Party Congress pointed out that it is necessary to firmly establish the strategic position of talent leading development, formulate an upgraded version of talent policy, and optimize the talent environment。In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 12th Provincial Party Congress, in line with the principles of decentralization, loosening and activation, at the end of 2021, the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government deployed and researched the Talent Policy 3 based on the actual work of talents in the new era of our province.0版》。During the drafting of the document, the main leaders of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government personally guided and personally checked the revision and improvement of the policy, and representatives of relevant departments, all walks of life and all types of talents at all levels have offered suggestions for the drafting and formulation of the policy。Under the joint efforts of the provincial Party Committee, the provincial government senior coordination and all walks of life, our department combined with the central and provincial Party Committee on the deployment of talent work in the new era and the actual construction of talent teams in our province, studied and formulated the Talent Policy 3.Version 0, through the continuous upgrading of incentive service guarantee measures, further show the sincerity of cherishing talents, create a good atmosphere of recognizing talents, respecting talents and using talents, and gather and cultivate a large number of outstanding talents for Jilin's comprehensive revitalization。
2. On the Talent Policy 3.The main content of version 0
Talent Policy 3.Version 0 continues to highlight the two major themes of "innovation" and "upgrading", with a total of 34 specific measures in 6 aspects。Compared to the past, the Talent Policy 3.Version 0 pays more attention to the integration of talent chain and industrial chain,Pay more attention to the cultivation and incentive of various talents in enterprises,We will pay more attention to the cultivation and development of young talents,We will pay more attention to supporting talent innovation and entrepreneurship,Pay more attention to the recruitment and retention of talents,Pay more attention to innovative talent service mechanism,It covers the life security, career incentive, management system reform and other aspects of talent concern:
First, we will improve the talent classification and evaluation mechanism。Focus on our province's "one main six double" high-quality development strategy and "six new industries" and "four new facilities" of the field of outstanding talents for classification evaluation, continue to deepen not only "hat" only performance evaluation orientation, optimize and improve the talent classification evaluation mechanism。For the first time, the classification and identification criteria for enterprise talents are formulated, and the position level, salary level, scale and tax amount of the enterprise are taken as the main evaluation content。
Second, we will strengthen life services for talents。It mainly includes: the implementation of the zero threshold policy for talent registration;Give the A-E class of high-precision talent resettlement subsidies and improve the resettlement subsidy standard;Governments at all levels are encouraged to explore the establishment of talent apartments, youth apartments, and blue-collar apartments,Establish a security mechanism for talents to live in peace;Continue to implement the spouse placement policy for imported talents;We will upgrade and improve incentives for the children of talented people to attend school,Implement the policy of supporting the enrollment of the third generation children directly related to A and B talents;We will implement incentive measures to provide old-age security for high-level talents,Take multiple measures to solve the worries of talents。
Third, we will strengthen incentives for talents to contribute。It mainly includes: increasing the incentive for the training of postdoctoral talents and scientific research,Further encourage reserved talents to stay in Kyrgyzstan and start their own businesses;Expand the service scope of "Jihenka" and "Jijian Card",And the young talents who are more concentrated in the C, D category of talent into the "Gihenka" distribution scope;Continue to strengthen salary incentives;Innovative implementation of the high-end talent income "doubling" plan;Increase the tilt of the selection of honorary titles to key talent groups;We will increase incentives for technical personnel at the grass-roots level to obtain professional titles,We will guide more talents to take root at the grassroots level and serve them。
Fourth, strengthen the reform of talent management mechanism。It mainly includes: evaluation management of releasing talents,Strengthen the evaluation of technical personnel and skilled personnel to delegate power;Implement job incentives for talents above class C and D,Further expand the development space of talents;Strengthen the guarantee of academic qualifications of skilled talents and the incentive of competition for excellent skilled talents;Reform of staff management,Implementation of 10,000 personnel special establishment guarantee project;Continue to support employers to flexibly recruit talents;Further endow parks and enterprises with the right to independently evaluate professional titles。
Fifth, we will support employers in attracting talent and fostering talent。It mainly includes: strengthening the training of skilled personnel,Optimize and promote learning through competition,We will support the development of technology master studios and other platforms,We will build a comprehensive personnel training system for enterprises,Improve the recognition and reward system for skilled personnel;Vigorously cultivate excellent engineer team;Around the "black land" protection, beef cattle breeding, seed industry development,Strive to build a high-quality talent training platform;Establish a special channel mechanism for introducing high-level talents in short supply;Implementation of the "Kyrgyz people return to their hometowns" entrepreneurship and employment cooperation project;Increase financial support for the construction of talent platform carrier,Help enterprises introduce and cultivate outstanding talents from the aspects of education and retention。
Sixth, we will encourage people of all types to innovate and start businesses。It mainly includes: supporting researchers to leave their posts and start their own businesses;Continue to strengthen the results-based compensation incentives;We will implement policies to support innovation and entrepreneurship,Increase financial support for innovative and entrepreneurial talents in the fields of "six new industries", "specialized and special new", and "four new facilities";Implement financial support for the transformation of talents' research achievements;We will continue to give preferential treatment to guaranteed loans for start-ups.We will provide tax incentives for researchers to transform their scientific and technological achievements。
On the Talent Policy 3.The implementation of version 0
Talent Policy 3.Version 0 is an important measure to implement the spirit of the 20th Party Congress and the 12th Provincial Party Congress, and it is also a pragmatic move by the provincial Party committee and provincial government to promote the work of talents in our province, optimize the environment for talent development, and create a plateau for talent gathering。Talent Policy 3.The implementation of Version 0 will further help Jilin Province to implement the high-quality development strategy of "one main six double", enhance the core competitiveness of economic and social development, create a regional gathering highland for talents in Northeast Asia, and promote the comprehensive revitalization of Jilin。The provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department will take this opportunity to plan ahead and take the initiative to provide an excellent policy environment and efficient and convenient service guarantee for all kinds of talents to innovate and start businesses in Jilin, so as to attract and encourage more talents to gather in Jilin, innovate and start businesses。Talent Policy 3.Version 0 will be implemented from the date of issuance, in order to ensure that various policies and measures are effective, the province will establish a provincial talent work joint meeting mechanism, which will be coordinated by the provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department and relevant departments。Governments at all levels, provincial relevant departments and employers should clarify the list of tasks and responsibilities as soon as possible in accordance with the "Five modernizations" closed-loop working method to ensure that policies and measures are implemented。
I hope that all media friends can widely report and deeply publicize the talent policy and talent work in our province, expand the social awareness of the policy, and create a good atmosphere of respect for labor, respect for knowledge, respect for talent and respect for creation in the whole society。

Jilin Daily: Talent Policy 3.In Version 0, what safeguards will be in place to implement the various funding incentive policies for talents?
Zhang Zhilin:

The provincial Party Committee and the provincial government have always attached great importance to the work of talents in our province, and the provincial Department of Finance has always taken supporting the implementation of the talent development strategy as a top priority。Especially since the release of the 18 articles on Talent in our province in 2018, the provincial Department of Finance has continuously increased capital investment, and the average annual growth rate of provincial talent capital investment has reached 7.35%, far exceeding the increase in public budget expenditure in the same period。At the same time, the establishment of a "quick payment direct" mechanism, by refining the budget of funds, strict deadlines for approval, simplified approval procedures, etc., to ensure that financial funds can effectively play the expected effect in a timely manner, and accelerate the implementation of policies。

In Talent 3.During the research and formulation process and after the policy was introduced, the provincial finance mainly adopted the following safeguard measures: First, to strengthen the provincial fiscal expenditure responsibility。将3.0中19个The direct subsidy projects are all borne by the provincial finance, and the subsidy standards are greatly increased (Settlement allowance: 3.From 5-2.4 million yuan to 150-3 million yuan。Specifically: Class A 240 increased to 300;Category B 140 increased to 150;Class C and D standards remain unchanged at 70 and 35;Category E 3.5-12 increased to 15。Child enrollment: 30,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan。National skill master studio: 200,000 yuan increased to 250,000 yuan。It not only improves the "gold content" of the policy, but also helps to promote the realization of the talent policy in the province, and also greatly reduces the financial pressure on employers and cities and counties。Second, we will strengthen financial security。The provincial Department of Finance actively performs the responsibility of investment, and arranges new funds by means of new budget arrangements and adjustment of expenditure structure.200 million yuan to ensure high-quality implementation of various policies and measures。Third, we will improve the policy support system。It is planned to promote the formation of a comprehensive system of safeguard measures and policies by revising and improving the measures for the management of funds for talent and entrepreneurship, and the implementation rules for subsidies for children's schooling and settling down。Fourth, pay attention to performance evaluation。Actively organize competent departments and employers to carry out performance evaluation work, promote the improvement of the accuracy and effectiveness of financial funds, and constantly improve the performance of the use of financial funds。

19 direct subsidy projects:

Continuation projects: home subsidy, children's enrollment, medical travel, post-doctoral international exchange, flexible talent introduction, vocational skills training base, skill master studio, skill talent recognition and reward, talent training base, innovation and entrepreneurship talent support, young talent team, double creation fund, a total of 12。

Newly added projects: on-site postdoctoral research funding, outbound postdoctoral research start-up funds, postdoctoral innovation and Entrepreneurship competition awards, postdoctoral competition award-winning project results transformation awards, "income doubling", skills competition winners to stay in the province employment awards, funding subsidies for talent introduction platform, a total of 7。


China News Service: Talent Policy 3.In version 0, what innovative measures are taken to promote the transformation of the results of scientific researchers?What safeguards will be in place?
Chen Weiyou:

The talent policy introduced this time 3.Version 0, in promoting the transformation of the achievements of scientific researchers, the focus is on encouraging the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements of scientific and technological researchers in our province。Researchers are the main promoters of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and the implementation of preferential tax policies for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements is of great significance for promoting the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the province, realizing the market value of scientific and technological achievements, and promoting the high-quality development of our province。The main innovative measures to promote the commercialization of research results by researchers are as follows:

First, for the first time, we carried out trials to grant scientific researchers the right to own or use their scientific and technological achievements for a long time。February of this year,The provincial science and Technology Department has launched a pilot project to grant scientific researchers the ownership or long-term use rights of scientific and technological achievements,The first batch of 10 pilot units actively explored new models for the transformation of job-related scientific and technological achievements,The division and confirmation of the rights of the scientific and technological achievements on the job,Make the unit and the position of the scientific and technological achievements of the complete person (team) become the co-owner。In addition, the pilot unit grants scientific and technological researchers long-term use rights of not less than 10 years, after the end of the pilot period, the long-term use rights agreement signed during the pilot period shall continue to perform in accordance with the agreement。In the implementation of the distribution oriented to increasing the value of knowledge, the pilot units have established and improved the income distribution mechanism of scientific and technological achievements to match the income of researchers with the actual contribution to the transformation of achievements。In strengthening the management of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of empowerment positions,The scientific and technological achievements held by the pilot unit,They may independently decide on the transfer, licensing or pricing of investment,No need to report to the competent department and financial department for approval;Transferring, licensing or investing scientific and technological achievements at a price to a wholly-owned state-owned enterprise,Asset appraisal may not be carried out,For non-state-owned wholly-owned enterprises,The unit shall independently decide whether to conduct asset evaluation。

Second, for the first time, researchers will be granted subsidies for technology trading。In August this year, the provincial Science and Technology Department in the Jilin Province Science and Technology Development Plan 2023 annual Project Declaration Guide for the first time to the technical achievements trading output to the provincial enterprises of scientific researchers to grant subsidies, the amount of funding is not less than 30,000 yuan。Support is focused on the period from January 1 to December 31, 2021,Technical achievements of researchers in institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes,Export to provincial enterprises through technology trading,And the transaction amount of a single contract is more than 300,000 yuan (inclusive),The subsidy shall not exceed 10% of the amount of the technical contract transaction actually occurred,The allowance starts from 30,000 yuan (inclusive),No more than $500,000,The same contract is granted only once。

Third, we improved the mechanism for evaluating scientific and technological achievements。September of this year,In order to stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of scientific researchers,Effectively set up a correct evaluation orientation with the quality, performance and contribution of scientific and technological innovation as the core,The "Implementation Opinions on Improving the Evaluation Mechanism of Scientific and Technological Achievements" formulated by the Provincial Science and Technology Department for the first time clarified the five major values of scientific and technological achievements: science, technology, economy, society and culture,Resolutely crack the "four" problem in the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements,We will improve reward and incentive mechanisms for scientific and technological achievements,Reward researchers and managers who truly make creative contributions,Strengthen the close combination of Jilin Province's science and technology awards with the major strategic needs of the state and the province,Support for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into the core indicators for the evaluation of innovation capabilities of institutions of higher learning, research institutions, and state-owned enterprises,We will establish and improve a mechanism for managing the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements,Stimulate the vitality of scientific and technological innovation and achievement transformation of researchers。

In the next step, the provincial science and Technology Department will strengthen science and technology legislation and build a solid system guarantee。Adopted the amendment of the Regulations of Jilin Province on Promoting the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements and the Regulations of Jilin Province on Scientific and Technological Progress,The content of encouraging researchers to transform their scientific and technological achievements will be included in the regulations,To mobilize the enthusiasm of researchers in transforming scientific and technological achievements by means of legislation,We will promote the transfer and application of scientific and technological achievements,Adhere to the legal system to guide, regulate, promote and ensure scientific and technological innovation,We will fully implement the rule of law,To promote scientific and technological progress and innovative development in our province。

Economic Daily: Talent classification is an important prerequisite for all kinds of talents to enjoy the talent incentive policy, so it has been concerned by the majority of talents。In the newly released "Talent Policy 3.In version 0, what changes have been made in the classification and grading of talents?

In recent years, with the provincial talent policy 1.0版、2.The 0 version has been introduced successively, and the talent classification and grading work as a prerequisite for the realization of the talent incentive policy treatment, plays the role of the "baton" of talent training and development, and has become a talent work that is highly concerned by talents inside and outside the domain。In this "Talent Policy 3.In the process of making version 0,We comprehensively summarized the exploration and practice of talent classification and grading in recent years,On the basis of fully soliciting the opinions of relevant departments in the province,The talent representative symposium and the employer symposium were also held respectively,Solicit opinions and suggestions from all sectors of society,It has laid a solid foundation for the scientific formulation of talent classification and grading standards。Compared with the past, this talent classification and grading work mainly has the following characteristics:

First, adhere to the evaluation orientation of not only "hat"。In accordance with the deployment requirements of the central and provincial Party committees on talent evaluation to break the only "hat",The new talent classification and grading evaluation is no longer solely based on talent titles and awards,But to further highlight the actual ability performance oriented,Effectively break the talent evaluation "hat only" tendency,The comprehensive work performance of talents is combined with the fit degree of industrial development of "one main six pairs" in our province and the daily work performance in recent years,Highlight the evaluation orientation that is not only hat but reality, not only award but contribution, not only position but ability, not only seniority but performance。

Second, adhere to the evaluation mechanism of accepting all rivers。For the first time, the enterprise talent classification and identification standards are formulated, and the enterprise talent is regarded as a specialized talent group and the talent classification standards are formulated separately。According to the actual characteristics and development orientation of enterprise talents, centering on the high-quality development strategy of "one main six pairs" in our province, the position level, salary level of talents in the enterprise, the scale of the enterprise, the amount of tax payment, and the situation of driving employment are taken as the main evaluation content。Through the evaluation of enterprise talents, gradually attract more enterprise management talents to come to Kyrgyzstan。

Third, adhere to the service concept of talent first。Relying on the "Jilin Smart People Society" digital platform,Establish a talent classification and identification network declaration system,Talents recommended by employers in the province can be declared remotely through the online declaration system,Online audit,Greatly simplify the talent identification process,Improve the efficiency of talent identification and application,At the same time, it also effectively avoids the impact of unexpected events on the acceptance of talent declaration。

Fourth, adhere to the reform direction of scientific innovation。In order to further stimulate the vitality of talent evaluation, we will use this talent policy 3.Version 0 of Dongfeng, explore the pilot work of talent classification, authorization and independent evaluation。In the future period of time, the provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department will, according to the actual situation of the key talent units in the province, explore and authorize the employer to carry out the talent classification evaluation according to the actual situation of the talent team, hand over the talent evaluation right to the employer, and mobilize the enthusiasm of talent units to attract talents and cultivate talents。


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