Zhang Shouhua led the team to supervise and inspect the safety production and project construction

来源:   时间: 2023-09-26 16:45
  9月26日,Zhang Shouhua, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Jilin High-tech Zone, led a team to Jilin City Huicheng Real Estate Development Co., LTD., Jilin City Xianglong Railway Rescue Technology Development Co., LTD., Jilin City Kelveit Electromechanical Equipment Co., LTD., Jilin Hongze Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Jilin Wanfeng Aowei Turbine Co., Ltd. production workshop to supervise and inspect safety production and project construction。
  At each place, Zhang Shouhua understood the progress of project construction in detail and asked if there were any difficulties and problems。In Jilin Wanfeng Aowei Steam Turbine Co., LTD., the person in charge of the enterprise to understand the production and operation of the enterprise, safety risk control, production equipment, fire protection and environmental protection facilities。He required that the relevant bureau (room) of the high-tech zone should deepen the service work of "nine solutions and one coordination" to provide strong support for project construction and enterprise development, especially for connecting supporting facilities for projects under construction。He stressed that the relevant bureaux (rooms) and units of high-tech zones should strengthen the bottom line thinking, overall development and safety, increase supervision and inspection efforts, consolidate the responsibility for safe production, analyze and judge risks and hidden dangers, establish problem accounts one by one and rectify them in place in a timely manner, and gather the strength of all parties to build a safe high-tech zone。
  Zhou Yu, deputy director of the Management Committee of High-tech Zone, and the person in charge of the office of the Management Committee, the Housing and Construction Bureau, the Emergency Management Bureau, the Economic Development Bureau, the Commerce Bureau and other relevant bureaus (rooms) participated in the inspection。