Jilin High-tech Zone held the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day safety prevention and autumn forest fire prevention work conference

来源:   时间: 2023-09-25 16:10
  9月25Jilin High-tech Zone held the Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day safety prevention and autumn forest fire prevention work conference。The meeting conveyed the spirit of Jilin City's autumn forest fire prevention conference and the notice of the High-tech Zone on effectively doing a good job of safety production during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day and arranged and deployed the autumn forest fire prevention work。High-tech zoneDeputy Director of the Management CommitteeWang Li attended the meeting and made a speech。
  Wang stressed in doing a good job in production safety: First, we should further improve our ideological understanding and comprehensively consolidate the responsibility for production safety。All units to absorb"9.1”“9.3Lessons from the two accidents, highlighting prevention, strengthening supervision, implementing responsibilities, and comprehensively strengthening the work of production safety during the festival。Second, we should continue to carry out in-depth investigation and rectification of major accidents, and highlight the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers in key industries (areas), special rectification and combating violations。All regulatory units shall carry out special treatment and rectification in transportation safety supervision, fire safety, fireworks and dangerous chemicals, construction, gas safety, industrial and trade enterprise safety, special equipment safety and other industries,We will severely crack down on all kinds of illegal production, operation and construction activities,Expand the achievements of the special action "Implementing responsibilities, preventing and controlling risks, eliminating hidden dangers, and ensuring safety" in the region。Third, we must strengthen the duty work during the festival and strictly implement the post responsibility system。Strictly enforce the attendance of leading cadres on duty and key positions24Hourly duty system, strictly implement the duty system of the responsible person of the enterprise。All departments should take "four not two straight" and other ways to carry out explicit and covert visits, urge enterprises to strictly implement the main responsibilities, and ensure comprehensive safety and stability during the festival。
  Wang stressed in the forest fire prevention work: first, strengthen the sense of responsibility and sense of urgency。During the National Day, the number of tourists into the mountain increased significantly, and the adverse factors of fire hazards increased。All relevant departments should overcome the paralysis of careless thinking and earnestly enhance the sense of responsibility and sense of urgency。Second, we must strengthen organizational leadership and consolidate fire prevention responsibility。It is necessary to adhere to the principle of "hierarchical responsibility and territorial management", and improve the three-level forest fire prevention management mechanism of districts, streets and villages。The National Defense Office should play the role of leading and comprehensive coordination, and carry out joint supervision and inspection。The Bureau of Agriculture, Forestry and Water resources should strengthen supervision and inspection and hidden dangers investigation, and guide the streets to do a good job of forest fire prevention。New North Street should strictly implement the forest fire prevention responsibility system, compaction responsibility, establish an inspection and control mechanism, establish an emergency team, check the fire extinguishing equipment, carry out hidden trouble investigation, and ensure zero fire point, no smoke, and no injury。Once there is a fire, the street, village leaders and Bao village leaders must arrive at the scene as soon as possible to direct the rescue。Third, we must increase publicity and education to improve the awareness of fire prevention。All relevant departments should adopt various forms of publicity。New North Street should hold villagers' meetings, distribute publicity materials, hang slogans, set up fire warning signs,12119Fire alarm calls and other forms to enhance the national awareness of forest fire prevention。Fourth, we must effectively strengthen the control of fire sources in the field and prevent fire from entering the mountains and forests。It is necessary to strengthen preventive measures in key areas, prohibit all wild fire use behaviors, and completely eliminate various fire hazards。During the National Day period, special personnel should be arranged to carry out all-day inspections of important forest lands and fire-prone areas, set up temporary fire prevention checkpoints, and carry out fire prevention education and safety checks on personnel entering the mountain。Education on safe use of fire should be increased for guardians of special groups。Fifth, we must strengthen the implementation of work and prepare for emergency rescue。All relevant units should do a good job of updating fire prevention materials reserves and building emergency teams, and achieve the "four implementation" of organization, personnel, machinery and vehicles to ensure that the needs of rescue are met。Strengthen the training and education of fire fighting emergency teams, and make good practice and preparation for fire fighting。Sixth, we must strengthen emergency duty。During the fire prevention period, the district, street and village strictly implement the forest fire prevention leadership24Hourly duty system, serious work discipline, do not leave the post, do not miss the post, a fire, immediately report, timely treatment, strictly prohibit omission, concealment and reporting phenomenon。All units should do their part and work together to truly achieve standardized management, systematic implementation, inventory testing and collection, fundamentally eliminate the hidden dangers of forest fire accidents, and ensure the safety and stability of high-tech zones。
  Jilin High-tech zone safety committee member units, forest defense refers to member units, the main person in charge of each area attended the meeting。(Zhang Haoran, Emergency Management Bureau)